Translating Vue.js docs in Russian (help is needed)


Vue.js is great and relatively new JS lib for building reactive interfaces. It is very easy and fun to work with it.
A lot of cool things coul be written about it, but this is not the goal of this post (I definitely should write some introductory post later). I consider that you are already familiar with it and also could be interested in Russian lang docs translation.

I have created a GitHub organization repo with official docs/site fork. In lang-ru branch everythign is being translated.

Here is the list of all pages and their translation status. If you want to help - just select a page, drop a comment about that, translate it and make a pull request!

Vue.js russian site with current translation state synced
(it is periodically being redeployed)

Yii2 dev digest #9 Jul- Sep'14

The closer Yii dev team to release - the less often I make a digests. Maybe it's due to summer time and vacation or there are really less "breaking news", but this digest is much shorter as usually, despite almost 3 moths period. Also I do not spent much time now on reviewing. Briefly : it looks very close to RC, a lot of non-essential issues are postponed to 2.0.1+ version.

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Yii2 dev digest #8 May-Jun'14

May was a good time for a barbeque and trekking :) So here is a brief digest, hopefully not so much news means more bugfix and docs work from Yii Team towards stable RC.

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Yii2 dev digest #7 Apr'14

Lucky 7th digest dedicated to Beta release . Not so much really new to say after Beta release notes on Yii site, but I can't stay away :)
Thanks for a big PR campaign by Alexander Makarov (@sam_dark), previous dev digest was seen by more than 5500 people. Quite impressive and gives me more inspiration to make new reviews! As usual - Russian version of this digest is available (see the link above) !
Yii2 beta Release, PSR-2, DI, new RBAC, consistent Url helper, a lot of new widgets

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