Yii2 component: yii2-gon. Push variables from PHP to JS.

Dec 6, 2015, 3:31:36 PM

This component publishes json serialisable data as 'key -> value' from PHP code into global JS variable window.gon.


The need for such an extensions came while working on web apps with mixed approach: rich JavaScript GUI on web page, but each page is reloaded and most of bussiness logic is still on the backend side.

The simples solution for a quick prototyping is pushing a data from PHP controller to global JS variable. That makes you free from a lot of REST API getters (you can make a lot without an API at all). So I did the first protype of this extension during "EU Web Challenge 2015" tasks coding. And now publish it as a standalone package.

Idea is inspired by Ruby gem gon https://github.com/gazay/gon (the name is taken from it too. "GON" authors - in case of any naming issues, just ping me :))


Via Composer

$ composer require ijackua/yii2-gon


Add component to application config `php 'components' => array(

'gon' => 'ijackua\gon\GonComponent'

), And to app `bootstrap` sectionphp $config = array(

'bootstrap' => array('gon'),

Full component configuration example
'components' => array(
       'gon' => array(
            'class' => 'ijackua\gon\GonComponent',
            'jsVariableName' => 'gon',
            'globalData' => ['g1' => 1, 'g2' => '2'],
            'showEmptyVar' => true,


Anywhere in your app push key -> value

\Yii::$app->gon->push('someObj', ['a'=>'b']);
\Yii::$app->gon->push('str', 'hello');

On JS side you will get `js > window.gon >> Object

  someObj: Object
       a: "b"
  str: "hello"


* Make optional non-global usage. AMD, CommonJS modules.

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