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Build latest ffmpeg and all (generally) needed codecs from source


In projects where you need to work with video data - converting video files or creating frame screenshot preview for a video, convert mp3 etc. it is very likely you will decide to use ffmpeg.
It is open source and free lib that is de-facto standard tool to operate with media files. But in Linux repositories it is often outdated version of ffmpeg and to get most recent features you'd better compile it from source. It is not a trivial things to get all needed dependencies, that's why I have gathered it all in one bash script.

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Everyday cybercrimes - TED talk by James Lyne

Correct, short and illustrative talk on aspects of informational security that even IT people are missing. Also we always need to remember that all our tracks in the Network are quite easy to find.

Russian subtitles are available

Learn Node.js - books, materials, courses

Learning Node.JS

Collection of free resources to dive into Node.js.

I prefer quite small, useful and clear articles/books (and I would not be so clever to post official docs links here, I hope you have already found it and know what to do in case of emergency :)).
I'll try to order it from very basic to more sophisticated, so if you don't know where to start... just start from the very beginning of the list.

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Yii2 dev digest #4 Dec'13

The last digest this year.
I wish all of us to dive deep in new exciting projects with Yii2 in the next year (as I am sure there will be a stable release relatively soon, according the progress ;))
Stay in touch with development process, grow your skills with it, grow faster then it !

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Skaffold tool that facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes-native applications. Continuously deploys to your local or remote Kubernetes cluster.

DoItLive is a tool for live presentations in the terminal. It reads a file of shell commands and replays the commands in a fake terminal session as you type random characters.