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Yii2 dev digest #1 Nov'13

Nov 25, 2013, 12:42:21 PM

As I am very interested in Yii2 and spend some time to track project development process on GitHub (and try to participate a little), I decided to make small periodic digests of most interesting and valuable changes so far. Also I often catch useful hints in GitHub discussions and don't want to loose them, so will try to collect some.

Yii2 Hints

  • Need a list of Model relations ?

@cebe you could check all getters via Reflection and check whether they return an object that implements the relation interface.

  • How to create own Panels in yii2 debug Toolbar

@qiangxue This is already supported. Just configure Module::panels to plug in your own panels. Refer to existing panels on how to create a panel.

  • How to change ActiveField appearance ?


$form->field($model, 'domain_name', [
    'template' => "{label}\n".
        "<div class='input-group'>\n".
        "<span class='input-group-addon'>.site.ru</span>\n".
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