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Ubuntu - I'll be back, but meanwhile hello Linux Mint !

Nov 28, 2013, 8:45:40 AM

Ubuntu Mint Cinnamon

I am not Unity hater at all and really like the main idea and general look&feel of latest Ubuntu interface, I don't even care about these "privacy" flame around their "smart scopes".
Hey, I even use Ubuntu font in this blog :)

But the problems are in tiny aspects of usability (speaking about Ubuntu 13.10).

Language switching applet

What the heck ! It was not working !
I am not an English native speaker, I always have 2-3 languages activated. But there was no way to change layout switching hotkey combination. And it was not alway showing correct language.

That's a tiny thing, but whole OS became not usable from that point.


Come on! I need to setup additional "magic" package to make Skype indicator to appear in tray ? Pfff...


It is really a painfull story for long time already (since Ubuntu introduced it's tray applets). Old soft just do not appear in Tray.
Is it my problem that I use some program that I really need, but somebody take it's indicator away from me ?

32-bit packages

I can't blame just Ubuntu 13.10 for that. But for example Elance Tracker client via Adobe Air. I was not able to install in on 13.10 in any way.
The fact is that on 12.10 it was such ability.

Why using Ubuntu + Unity became a Challenge ?

That's a question. For some reason installing each new version of Ubuntu became a question - Hey, what do I need to fight this time ?
That really disappoints me a lot, as I like Ubuntu... even don't know why :)

Alternatives ?

Answer for me is Linux Mint + Cinnamon for now.

Why ?

It just works, it is different and maybe has not so perfect appearance, but it just works. All indicators, lang switcher etc.
I can customize it, I can create a Unity like layout with it and Plank dock (any dock).


For work - Linux Mint + Cinnamon

For home/personal usage - Elementary OS Luna

I use these both and happy with it, as at work I want it to be a "working horse" and at home a "shiny nice thing".

I'll be back ?

In any case I will give a try each new version of Ubuntu.
As it really push Linux Desktop and Mobile world forward. I am glad that 14.04 LTS is planned without unstable Mir + Unity 8, it brings me a hope that we can get quite reliable release this time.

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