Codeception BDD style Unit tests

Nov 21, 2013, 8:09:25 PM

Recently davertMik had announced an addition to Codeception framework that allows BDD style unit test. Pretty nice like this

        $this->specify('post can be published', function() {
            $this->post->setTitle('Testing is Fun!');
            $this->post->setBody('Thats for sure');

Two new additional libraries introduced for this Specify and Verify

These libs are very easy to add into you project via Composer.


is a helper trait that allow to organize tests in "containers" for better readability like

$this->specify("i can change my name", function() {
   $this->user->name = 'jon';
   $this->assertEquals('jon', $this->user->name);

very interesing is DataProvider feature that will help to test a number of edge conditions

$this->specify("should calculate square numbers", function($number, $square) {
    $this->assertEquals($square, $number*$number);
}, ['examples' => [

see detailed docs


add 2 functions verify() and alias expect() and wrap all PHPUnit assertions in such way


see detailed docs

What is missing ?

As for me these libs are exactly what I wanted from Codeception. The only thing I still need is ability to generate steps report on passed test. As now I describe everything in human-readable format via Specify - I would like to be able to get "passed-tests-walk-through" as a report.

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