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Yii2 dev digest #6 Mar'14

After the long break here (unfortunately recent situation in my country do not lead to a good productivity), I am glad to announce the next digest.
In any case it seems that Yii2 developments is going close to the Beta and only a few big breaking changes were made in the last month ;)
And yes - Russian version of this digest is available (see the link above) !

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Faker - generating test data for database

Faker is a library that provide a set of generators for data types like fake name, address, number, IP, email, lorem ipsum text etc. - all generic data that is needed to create semi-real database content. Usually it has variations for different popular languages. All data is human-readable and taken from library, a lot of different combinations creates semi-unique data set.

It is needed mostly on testing and demonstration stages. Nobody likes to see a list of users like "test1", "Johnny35" etc. with posts "Test1", "Another test 35".


PHP usage example

$faker = Faker\Factory::create();

// generate data by accessing properties
echo $faker->name;
  // 'Lucy Cechtelar';
echo $faker->address;
  // "426 Jordy Lodge
  // Cartwrightshire, SC 88120-6700"
echo $faker->text;
  // Sint velit eveniet. Rerum atque repellat voluptatem quia rerum. Numquam excepturi
  // beatae sint laudantium consequatur. Magni occaecati itaque sint et sit tempore. Nesciunt ...
for ($i=0; $i < 5; $i++) {
  echo $faker->name, "\n";
  // Adaline Reichel
  // Dr. Santa Prosacco DVM
  // Noemy Vandervort V
  // Lexi O'Conner
  // Gracie Weber

NB! Yii2 Framework has a Faker fixtures extensions

Yii2 dev digest #5 Jan'14

New Year holidays are coming to the end and finally I had some time to review all those issues and news on GitHub.
And you know - it seems that Yii core dev team was working all this time :)

[RU]Судя по географии посещений этих дайджестов - мне надо скорее доделывать поддержку мультиязычных постов и локализовать посты на русский язык ;)[/RU]

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Build latest ffmpeg and all (generally) needed codecs from source


In projects where you need to work with video data - converting video files or creating frame screenshot preview for a video, convert mp3 etc. it is very likely you will decide to use ffmpeg.
It is open source and free lib that is de-facto standard tool to operate with media files. But in Linux repositories it is often outdated version of ffmpeg and to get most recent features you'd better compile it from source. It is not a trivial things to get all needed dependencies, that's why I have gathered it all in one bash script.

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Everyday cybercrimes - TED talk by James Lyne

Correct, short and illustrative talk on aspects of informational security that even IT people are missing. Also we always need to remember that all our tracks in the Network are quite easy to find.

Russian subtitles are available

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