Can't stop looking at how it works

Animated view on lock opened via key and via picklock.

There are so much ordinary things in our life that are really brilliant in aesthetics of its simplicity and complexity simultaneously.

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Grand opening ! ;)


Here we go !

It took just a little more that 1 year from idea of having own blog to it's implementation :) Upcoming Yii2 inspired me to have a tight look on it ... and to do something - so this is what I got up to date.

What I have learned while making this blog

  • Yii2 going to be much better that Yii1 and it is worth of switching on it
  • Composer is cool, you can leave without... before you try it. After that - it is very hard without it
  • Namespaces + Composer's autoloader in PHP are cool, that's a pleasure now to write code (with good IDE autocomplete)
  • Markdown is cool, integrated it in this blog, very handy to write formatted posts now

What next :

  • Automatic target "_blank" assiging to markdown parsed links
  • Make page caching
  • Redis cache storage
  • Static pages functionality (veeery static)
  • Tags manipulation/autocomplete functionality + widget (selectize.js) for blog admin
  • Full-text search, experiment with PostgreSQL ts_vector/ts_query, in any case Sphinx is always here to help
  • Nginx + PHP-FPM (I want to try how it goes)
  • Multy-language separation on blog to have Russian and Deutsch (Es wird SpaƟ machen) sections
  • Full dynamic and relevant OG tags generation

So that's pretty large plans, furthermore I want to make a copule Yii2 extensions/widgets. Really hope to bring something useful this year :)

Fix PhpStorm text paste issue


Symptoms : Text copied from any other source except PhpStorm itself (Chrome, text editor etc.) can't be pasted in PhpStorm. But text is being in buffer - as it could be pasted in other editors.

The reason is in Oracle Java 8 (according to this bug report).


  • Install Oracle Java 7
  • Profit !

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Install Codeception globally in Ubuntu

If you don't like running codeception via php codecept.phar ... you could install it in system bin dir

sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/codecept
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/codecept

and now run it like this to check

codecept -V

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